2. RAKU WALL HANGINGS are ceramic tiles that are sculpted with soft clay, then kiln fired. They are then covered with special Raku Glazes that contain metal  compounds and color. During the next glaze firing, the art is removed from the kiln "red hot" and placed in a covered metal container with paper and saw dust. The reduced oxygen air causes the glazes to undergo a chemical change that coat the clay with metal and color.



Recent exhibits and honors include:

  • Featured Artist, Parklane Gallery , Kirkland, WA .
  • Redmond WA. Arts Commission Permanent Collection.
  • Eastside Fine Arts Association juried exhibits and public venues.
  • Edmonds Art Fair, Juried Gallery.
  • Wimberley Valley Art League- Juried Shows, 2nd Prize.
  • Featured Artist Show, Old Bakery Gallery, City of Austin, TX.
  • Featured Artist Show, Gallery at the JCC, Austin, TX.
  • Exhibit-BUTTERFLY GALLERY, Dripping Springs, TX.
  • New Braunfel Art League Exhibit-2nd Prize.
  • Wimberley Valley Art League-Juried Exhibit, "A Tribute to the River", two Artworks accepted.
  • Creative Art Society-Exhibit and sales at several Venues.

3. 3D Art-This can be Fused Glass, Ceramic Art, or Custom Furniture. The Fused Glass is cut, kiln fired and slumped in a mold. Usually in two kiln firings. Hand Built Ceramics art usually require two kiln firing. Soft clay is formed, textured and fired. Glaze is added and then fired again. My Custom Furniture Tables come in three sizes. A Sofa, End and Coffee Table. These are made from Hard Maple, Rainbow Architectural Glass and have Stainless Steel sculpted Legs.




I work in three medias.

1. RESIN ART is a mixed media of Watercolor/Acrylic, Fused Glass and Resin. Artworks may be framed or unframed. Resin Art is created by: 

  • First painting the artwork theme with watercolor.
  • Next, decide where to place fused glass to enhance the artwork. The fused glass is cut to shape and then fused in a kiln.
  • After the fused glass is fired, it is glued to the surface of the painting.
  • Next the resin, which starts off as a liquid , is mixed in precise quantity. The artwork is leveled on a table and the resin is poured over it making sure all the surface is covered. A small butane torch is used to remove any entrapped bubbles. It takes 24 hours for the resin to harden so the artwork can be finished and framed. The resin has a UV component to prevent any discoloration.


mixed media  art


Artist Statement

The Challenge of developing an idea into a work of art, whether abstract or real, is an exciting process. In this, I call upon my wide knowledge of materials and methods from my arts and engineering background that allows me to bring together art and science.

​My Art education includes painting, sculpture, glass and ceramic classes at UCLA, Florida Atlantic University, Jewish Theological Seminary and Pratt Art Center. I have a degree in Engineering and a MBA in Industrial Management.